MCRRC Run Aware 5k

I did another race today. It was a MCRRC 5k race in Wheaton regional park. I had to deal with the crazy weather that is a DC winter. We went from high 50’s and 60 Thursday to a dusting of snow Saturday night. Here’s a couple of pictures on the way back from the race.



It was snowing a little bit the morning of the race but it wasn’t very cold which was nice.


Here’s me walking towards the start line after warming up


and waiting for the start


This was a tough race. It was a very rolling course. Here’s the elevation profile.

MCRRC 5k 3-1-2009, Elevation - Distance

The course was interesting because it was made up of a few loops that are trails through the woods. The problem was the snow made them a little bit wet. Footing wasn’t an issue but it was in the back of my mind and didn’t run the downhill parts as fast as I would if it was dry.

MCRRC 5k 3-1-2009

here are some pictures from the race.

Everyone starting


Early in the race



Going out for one of the loops on the trail DSC03686_edited-1

Coming back


Going out on another loop


Running through the woods




This was a tough course. I finished just over 23:00 when I usually run a 21:00. It seemed like everyone’s times were slow and I came in the same place I did as the 5 miler a few ago, 45th. Overall this was a fun race that was very challenging and a great workout. This was another MCRRC race and I was impressed again with the organization and post race spread for a race that is free for members.

There’s a 10km race toward the end of March that I’ll probably to and use it as a qualifying time if I decide to do the Peachtree 10k.


So with that race it is the end of my “off season”.  And next week I am starting a month long block of resuming regular swimming and increasing the run and bike volume. This block will end with the ING Georgia Half Marathon.


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