Installing the Chain

With everything on the bike I put the chain on.


In the order of assembly I should I waited until I put the shift cable on before putting in the chain it would have made my life easier.

Part of installing the chain is figuring out what the correct length should be. There are a lot of methods for calculating this and if you have a triple chain ring in the front it’s a little more complicated. One of the more interesting options involves the exact chain length based on the size of the cassette, crank, and size of the bike.

I went with the simpler method and it was the one that came in the instructions for the chain. You run the chain through the big ring up front, the smallest cog in the back, and through the rear derailer to complete the loop.



To  find out how many links to remove you pull chain tight so the two derailer pulleys are in line and perpendicular to  the ground. You remove all but one of the overlapped links.


To do this step requires a special tool and an understanding of how the chain works and is assembled. When I was doing this I actually removed the wrong type of pin so I had to remove another half link before I connected the chain.

Below are few pictures I found on the internet of how the chain works and the tool that is required.

ct-3 chain1 chain07 CT01 

This is another step I am glad I know how to do. Over time the chain will elongate and when that happens the shift quality will suffer and you need to remove a couple of links or get a new chain. This is one less thing that I would have to take it in to the shop to do and save myself some $$


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