Long Ride

I had a 3 hour ride and the schedule for today. And it was easy to get out the door and do this because we went from this on Monday:


To sunny and the low 70’s today.

I tried to take a couple of pictures during my ride. A few hours into the ride I stopped to eat my PB&J sandwich by a horse farm. As soon as I took the sandwich out of my jersey pocket the horses became very interested and came right up to the fence.


So I threw them a piece of the sandwich and here they are trying to get it.


Off in the background you could hear dogs barking which turned out to be a big fox hunt. I saw all the horse trailers at another farm latter in my ride to confirm this. When I started riding again less then a mile down the road I saw a group six people on horses coming back towards the farm.

That would explain why the horses got really excited and ran back towards the driveway. You can see them behind the trees in this picture. I should I have gotten a video of them running around but it didn’t occur to me at the time.


And here are some pictures of what most of the roads I ride on look like:



And here’s a couple I took about a mile from home.



And here is a shot of my Garim map/directions/powermeter thing. It’s not in map mode in the picture. I rode a route I am very familiar with so I didn’t need that feature today.


I was so tired when I got done with this ride I just wanted to lay down. And to cap of the day I had a great lunch with the goodness that is Chipotle.



Here is a link to the workout for anyone that’s interested in seeing the numbers and map from my ride. Overall this was a good ride and I am doing a lot more


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