Brake Cable Installation

With the brakes installed the next step was to attach the cables.  This starts with running the cable through the shifter levers like shown in the picture. There is a ball at the end of the cable and it threads through that little ball and stays in place.


The cable it threaded through the top of the brake and there is a little bolt to keep the cable tight.


You can sort of see it in these two pictures how it attaches


To adjust the width the separation between the two pads you use the “barrel adjuster” which is the little black tab at the top. This makes changes in the cable tension and can move the pads closer together.

The pads can also get adjusted with 4mm allen wrench and should be set so they are a few mm below the tire.


This was one of the steps that took a few minutes for me to figure out. I wasn’t to difficult bit I had never dealt with cables and the cable cutters I have aren’t that great. It took a lot of time to make sure I had the cable length correct before I cut it and some trouble getting smooth cuts on the cable housing but I figured things out and got them working.

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