Piece of Cake 10k Race Report

This is kind of late but I wanted to write something anyway. The Half Marathon report later in the week when I get all the results and find a few pictures.

On the 21rst I ran another race with the Montgomery County Road Runners club. I wanted to a race the weekend before the half marathon to confirm I was in shape to meet my time goals. The goal for this was to run something in the 44 minute range. The race took place at Seneca Creek Park which is a lot of rolling hills, similar to what Atlanta was going to be so it would work as an even better tune up race.





The race went well, I ran exactly 45 minutes which is a 7:13 and is what I was shooting for. I ran the first half relatively conservative and then picked things up the last mile. Based on race pace prediction calculators it says I should be able to run the 1:40:00 half marathon I was shooting for. Check back later this week to see if I hit got it.

As another note I moved into first place in my age group in the season long points race as part of the MCRRC race series. At this point it’s due to the fact that I have run more races then the other people in my age group because several of the people I am ahead of are much faster then me. But I’ll take it for now.

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