Another week in the books

Another solid of week of training in the books. This week was a little over 12 hours with 6 hours of biking, 4 hours of running, and 3 45 minute swims. On Thursday I had a solid 12 mile long run after work along the W&OD trial. I still felt very fresh and after this run and mentally it was nice to do my run in  a different place, I think I will make do this more often.


This weekend was another with a 3 hour ride on Saturday and a 2 hour ride on Sunday. Saturday was pouring rain all day so I was stuck riding the trainer inside. Before I started I decided I would the workout for my 3 hour ride and see how things were going and probably flip my 3 hour ride for Sunday but I was surprisingly able to make it through 3 hours on the trainer. I watched 2 hours of the Silverman Triathlon I had on the DVR which seems like a really tough course, maybe I will do the half one day. For the last hour I switched back and forth between the 2008 Ironman Hawaii and the UGA spring football game.

Sunday was a two hour bike ride in the wind just like last week. But this weekend it was cold. I biked out to sugarloaf mountain, went up it and came back home. The views are starting to look like spring time and once the trees get leaves it will look a lot nice also.





Next week will have a little less training volume and will capped off by my first triathlon of the season, an Olympic distance down in Lake Anna, the Rumpass in Bumpass. I haven’t figured out what my time goals are going to be but based on how my training has been I expect to set a PR.

I also have the GW Parkway 10 mile running race the weekend after that. I’m doing this race for free since BAE is one of the sponsors, maybe I can be the fastest person at the company to run the race.


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