Rumpass in Bumpass International Distance Triathlon Race Report

Saturday was the first triathlon of the year and I was really excited to be racing again and see how my work during the winter has paid off. This race took place in the same spot as the Giant Acorn Triathlon last fall.

I stayed with my Uncle and Aunt in Spotsylvania VA about 20 minutes from the race site. They have a little 2 1/2 year old thatt was fun to see again this weekend.


Overall 2:29:21 (12 age group, 83 overall)

Swim 1500 meters 30:12 (20th age group, 138th overall)


The swim was near the nuclear power plant and on the “warm” side of the lake. The water was still in the low 60’s but I really didn’t find it to be that bad once I got in and started swimming.


I have been seeing a lot of improvements with my swimming the last couple of weeks in the pool and was really expecting to swim somewhere near 27 minutes so I was a little disappointed to come out of the water just over 29:00. Part of the increased time was the inability to swim in a straight line.

rumpass swim

I did feel a lot more comfortable swimming in the open water then I did last year which is good but I’m still having trouble with the drafting. I really need to look at how approach the swim leg make a much better effort to find a pack to follow because it seems like I am giving up a lot of time here.



Bike 24 miles 1:04:48, 22.4 mph average (6th age group, 39th overall) Bike Portion Race File

I had some trouble getting the wetsuit off in transition but everything else went quickly.


The bike was two laps of the exact same course for the Giant Acorn. This was my first race with my power meter and I had a certain range I was shooting for. I had my Garmin setup to beep whenever I got below a certain watts level so I was working hard the whole time. The main thing I noticed was I was pedaling hard and working on the downhill parts.


I averaged over 22.4 mph which was my fastest bike split and I was only passed by two people on the bike. One of the reasons why I need to get better with my swimming is because I was so far behind the leaders in age group after the swim I wasn’t able to catch people riding at the same speed so it didn’t really feel like I was part of the race.

Run 10km 51:15, 8:15 min per mile (17 age group,121 overall) Run Portion Race File


The run was a total sufferfest /death march. It started with a 1/4 mile trail run and then was two laps on a rolling course. I tried to hold my goal pace but it wasn’t going to happen so I gradually slowed over the entire run. I would have been very easy to give up and start walking since I wasn’t going to have the run I wanted but I’m happy I gutted it out and finished strong.

I think I might have pushed a little harder then I should have on the bike. It also would have been a good idea to eat a gel on the bike to get some more calories. This picture at the finish line that sums up the race. I think the Olympic distance race is a very hard distance because it is close to an all out effort for over two hours.


I took a quick dip in the lake afterwards to help cool down.


I was really expecting to be close to 1:25:00 for this race but the run did me in. I still set a PR by 3 minutes so I shouldn’t complain to much.

Post Race

After the race was just as much fun. After lunch everyone went out on my Uncles boat for a sunset cruise along the Potomac.

Here is the boat:


Alex driving:


And some sunset pictures:




Cruising along the Potomac at an average 45 mph and topping out at 68 mph is a great experience. Apparently the boat is capable of 85-90 mph with a different prop and only two people.

3 responses to “Rumpass in Bumpass International Distance Triathlon Race Report

  1. how did you get the swim map, it’s awesome. your GPS is waterproof? congrats on the race. when’s the next big one? i have 3 weeks until FL 1/2. Come on sub 5 hours! i did my first brick yesterday in a long time. felt good. the wind here sucks. there’s a 4 mile causeway that i maintained 34+ mph out but struggled keeping 14-15 mph on the way back in.

    • The swim map was from the race webpage and I used paint to illustrate my inability to swim in a straight line. Garmin is making a waterproof GPS that’s coming out in May/June so I may have to get that.

      I have the Columbia triathlon in May and then Eagleman 1/2 Ironman in June. Eagleman is what I working towards. I’ve heard the wind can be bad out there so I’ve been trying to ride whenever it’s windy outside.

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