Random Swim

Today was an interesting swim. I had a 3,000 yard workout on the schedule today so I was swimming for longer then usual and I got to see a couple of interesting things.

1) There was a shark in the pool. While swimming my first lap I noticed a small plastic shark at the bottom of the pool. I guess a kid left after swimming on Sunday.

2) Because my swim was longer then usual I wasn’t out of the pool before the old lady water aerobics class at 6:30. They rope off a couple of lanes for the class and I wound up in the lane right next to the class.

(not from my pool, from the internet)

Why is it that all the old lady feels the need to drench themselves in perfume and hairspray at 6:30 in the morning to go to a workout class. I just don’t get it. It was absolutely amazing how strong the smell was when I got to the end of the pool the class was at.

3) Because the class took up half the pool I had to share to a lane for the last part of my workout. The first person I shared a lane with was crazy kick breast stroke guy. He would take some wide, wide kicks with that breast and I had to work to avoid getting kicked in the face. Next was stretching guy. This guy stands at the side of the pool stretching for ten minutes, hopes in the pool and swims 200 yards, hops out and calls it a day.

4) I had a solid track workout in the rain this evening. I did 4×1 mile at 10k pace and felt very good during this workout. It’s nice to see how much my running has progressed since this time last year.

5) Random sport thoughts. I love watching playoff hockey. What the hell happened at the Kentucky Derby? The favorite scratches, and then the long shot wins the race. Watch the clip on the YouTube, it’s amazing how far behind he was earlier in the race. The Hatton vs Pacquiao fight was good, Hatton got his ass kicked so I’m looking forward to the Pacquiao vs. Mayweather fight which is sure to happen. I might even pay for that to see it live instead of waiting for it to be on HBO the next weekend.

One response to “Random Swim

  1. Hmm…sharks or old ladies doused in perfume…I think I’ll take my chances with the sharks.

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