New Favorite Things

Here is my new favorite website: BetUS. You can even bet on the Scripps National Spelling Bee!

Personally this one stands out to me:

Length of Winning Word

Over 9.5 Letters 13/17

Under 9.5 Letters 9/10

I’m going to take the under because they usually go with short words that have a trick that requires know country of origin. The only bet I was disappointed to see was that they don’t have a line if the winner will homeschooled or not.


I also found out Lou Dobbs is hilarious. I have satellite radio in the new car and was listening to his CNN show while driving home yesterday. He really does not give a shit what anyone else thinks. In one segment he talked about Sonia Sotomayor and if race was involved in the decision, then he brought on guests and talked about cures for erectile dysfunction and made penis jokes for 5 minutes, and went to commercial break with “Next we will discuss the void in leadership within the Republican party, and once they find one what exactly will that person be leading because right now it’s nothing special”.  It seems like he hates everything.


I also did my last power test on the bike before my big race in a few weeks. The test isued to determine how many watts you hold for an hour and that information is used to pace the bike portion of the race correctly. I knew the results would be better because it has two months since the last one I did but I still surprised with the results, I saw about a 10% improvement and am now at 290 watts! Check it out here: This is very goods for my race. Based on some of the online calculators riding at my race wattage on the flat course at Eagleman should net me somewhere between 2:30-2:25 for the bike ride, which is exactly what I am hoping for in my goal to finish the race in under 5 hours.


2 responses to “New Favorite Things

  1. Ha! I think you won the bet! It was nine, right?

  2. Lou Dobbs is the best! You should see if there is a bet on how many times he’ll call someone a jackass during the show!

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