Quality Weekend

This was another quality three day weekend.


I woke up early and got my swim out of the way and then went to play some golf. There is a course near work that was designed as an upscale private course that companies would by memberships to. But they picked a horrible time to try that business plan with the economy going the way it is so after a year of sitting around another company bought the course and it is now a public course called 1757. I was very excited to play here and was not disappointed. The course was in very good shape but you could see some spots that the grass had not fully grown in yet. The course was on the shorter side in terms of yardage but was narrow and had interesting greens that made you hit some quality shots. The thing I was most impressed with was the practice range, it has actual greens and fairways on the driving range to hit to, a large putting green, and an area to hit pitch and bunker shots at.


Today was a “race rehearsal” ride, which means 56 miles at my goal wattage and then a brick run afterwards. To make this as real as possible I drove out to Cambridge to ride the actual course for the race.



Here is the link to the: Workout File.  The first two and last two miles went through town and part of a road that was closed to traffic that required stopping and going around some barriers. So when I was actually out on the course riding at my goal wattage I was going between 21-22 mph the entire ride. So when I put the race wheels and aero helmet on, it should bee between 22-23 the entire way which puts me close to a 2:30:00 bike split, which makes my goal of under 5 hours very realistic.


The weather for the day was absolutely perfect. It was in the high 70’s when I started and got into the low 80’s during my ride. It started to get a little windy the last 10-15 miles and if the weather picks up I can see it being slow going on the way back in on this course.


Hydration wise I think I did a decent job, I ate all my gels at the right intervals which is the right amount of calories. I don’t think I had enough water with me though, I probably needed one more bottle and I would have been fine. But if the weather does get hot then I’ll have to make sure to drink a little bit more.

Also the water bottle holder between the aero bars that I made worked out good. It was to get bottles in and out and should work great for the water bottle handoffs during the race.


After the ride was a run along the course at race pace. I was planning to do 6 miles but after the first mile I realized I didn’t bring any water for the run and six miles would be to far to go without any hydration after my ride so I cut it short and just went three miles. I felt good during the run and if I get my extra water during the bike I should be able to have a solid run after that level of effort on the bike which was the main point of the workout today, to make sure that planned effort on bike left enough gas in the tank to have a quality run.

After the workout I drove the last hour to Ocean City MD to get some crab cakes and spent some time at the beach.


I don’t go the main Ocean City beach but to Assateague National park because it is usually less crowded and you can see the wild horse that roam through the park and they occasionally head up to the beach.

He they are yesterday right when I was getting ready to leave.

Running towards the beach:


Heading over the dunes:


At the beach:

DSC04825_edited-1  And then it was a drive back home and across the bay bridge:



I had a short run to do in the morning and then just took it easy the rest of the day. I put a new chain on my triathlon bike and cleaned it up, and then grilled some turkey burgers for dinner.

2 responses to “Quality Weekend

  1. I ran the pi mile twice on Saturday morning. It’s been a long time since I’ve gone over 5 miles…who knows, maybe a half-marathon is still in the cards.

    • you never know, a half marathon is not that much longer. I’m probably going to be back in Atlanta for the half again next spring. You’d have plenty of time to get ready for that one.

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