Culpepper Sprint Triathlon

I did the Culpepper Sprint Triathlon for the second year and had another decent race.  It’s a nice race with great scenery and about a field of 700 people. You can find the race report last year here

Overall 1:28:28 (AG 6,Overall 48)

I went 30 seconds faster then last year. I guess that shows consistancy from year to year? The quick summary is I swam faster, biked about same on wet roads, and ran a minute slower then last year.


Swim 14:34 (AG 15th, Overall 106)

The swim was a non wetsuit swim making a rectangle in a small lake. Like most Setup Event organized races I start in the first wave which makes things nicer because the swim and bike course aren’t very crowded.

The start wasn’t very bad but I thought this was a neat picture of how crowded it can be at the start of the race. After sprinting for about a minute I found some feet to draft off and took some good lines around the course.


Overall I had a good time, about a minute faster then last year and I didn’t feel that tired coming out of the water.


T1 1:26 (AG 9, Overall 92)

Nothing to special going on here, I thought I went quick and considering the long run to the top of the hill and to get to the bike course was included in the time I think it was quick.

This picture was from later in the day.


Bike 48:25 (AG 4,  Overall 42)

I thought I had a faster bike than last year but looking back I guess not. It was about the same. Alought this was on wet roads so I was little cautious in some corners.


This is a fun course with lots of hills and twisting roads.  It was starting to sprinkle during my ride and fact that it was so humid and raining gave me problems with my sunglasses. I had to sit up at least 4-5 times and wipe them and I tried sticking them on the neck of my tri suit but it felt like they would fall onto the pavement and I didn’t want that to happen. I guess that might be where my extra time went. I probably should have know better and left them in transistion.




I think this was a good ride, I kept a steady powerout with the only spikes being coming out of corners, and I didn’t get passed until the end when a group of three went by.


T2  1:01 (AG 7, Overall 69)

What I would consider another good transition. I was quick coming down the hill running my bike back in but my glasses fell off and I had to run back and get them so without that I would have been under a minute which is great considering how far the run into transition was.


Run 23:02 (AG 11, Overall 93)

This was not a good run . I don’t know what my problem was but I did not run well at all. My legs felt heavy the entire way and it was just a sluggish pace. Looking at the power file I didn’t bike outside of where I should have been so I don’t know what happened. I had been runnig solid times during my track workouts so it wasn’t a lack of speed, I guess I just didn’t have my running legs. It’s bound to happen every now and then.






Overall another fun race that was well run by Setup Events. I’m going to be putting a couple more of them on my calander for the rest of season after I’m done with Timberman.

5 responses to “Culpepper Sprint Triathlon

  1. What did you have for dinner the night before?

  2. Buffalo Wild Wings. I had some wings, onion rings, and Beer. That probably wasn’t a good idea was it?

  3. onion rings seem like they wouldn’t sit well the day before a race

  4. I started plotting my running performance and you could definitely see on the graph when I had something like Buffalo Wild Wings within 1-2 days.

    I am not going to cut stuff like that out, but before a race, I will.

    I am slow, so it won’t be as much for you, but it was like 10-30 seconds extra per mile.

  5. I really love how much of the course (at least based on the pictures) seems to be on freshly mown grass.

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