Timberman Triathlon


Pre race

Lots of prerace stuff in the days before. The trip to New Hampshire worked out perfectly with my brother returning from school work for the summer in Grenada so the trip to New Hampshire involved a stop at JFK to pick him up.




The day before the race was packet pickup at the Gunstock ski resort. On the way there we stopped and picked ups some lobster rolls, yum!


They had the lift open so I went up to the top after getting my race packet. The views were amazing and the lakes region in New Hampshire is gorgeous.


The race took place off to the right off this picture.


Overall (5:43:42, 58 AG, 652 overall)

This was about the result I was expecting given the lack of focus in training post Eagleman. As for the race, the course and surrounding area is beautiful and defiantly worth a trip up here. Logistically it is a bit of a hassle in the morning because there is only one entrance to the park so when it come to race morning the earlier the better.

The community support is great. I saw lots of people cheering on the bike course, and the run course was packed with spectators and themes at all the aid stations. These guys made an appearance at the swim start and also appeared on the run course as well. Why drag? I don’t know but it helped to lighten the mood and relax everyone before the race.


Swim (35:48, 659 Overall)

The race start was delayed by 45 minutes because someone on the bike course had an accident with a deer and police needed to clear out the area. After that got taken of things go going again and went smoothly, I was in the 9th wave so I warmed up for a bit and wondered over to start the race.


The lake for the swim was gorgeous. It was crystal clear and surrounded by mountains with fogs and clouds burning off all morning. Not really much to say about the swim, it was another race with about the same time. I think all my half ironman swims have been within 30 seconds of each other. I guess I am consistent? I lost the main group I was with in the middle of the swim when we caught up to the slower people in the earlier wave so I was putting out more effort then I should have been.


Not me but I thought this was a good picture of what the swim looks like at a big ironman race.


Bike (2:48:02, 20 mph average, 533 overall)

This result was on par with what I was expecting and given what the course actually looked like I am very happy. The first and last ten miles were very hilly. It didn’t look that bad on the course profile but after driving the course and then riding it, there is some climbing.



The middle section is actually very fast and if you are light and climb well you could easily put together a fast time on this course. I don’t climb very fast but I put in the effort that I wanted and kept my watts where they needed to be.




Run (2:12:59, 10:10 pace, 847 Overall)

1) I need to run more

2) I need to learn to suck it up and not start walking

That’s really all there is to say about the run.



I made it through the first loop but the second turned into a run/walk/shuffle. I haven’t been running as much I should be so this was expected but it’s always disappointing.

The course it’s self was great, it was two loops along the lake with tons of aid stations and crowd support.


Post Race

This was race number 2 for the year that I got my medal from Chrissie Wellington. That’s always a treat, and she seems like a genuinely nice person.


I grabbed some food and sat down. This is me realizing I probably ate too much and I’m not going to be feeling good in a few minutes. We hung out for few minutes, and I went in the lake to cool off for a few minutes.


I got change and we headed out for the 2 hour drive. This is about ten minutes into the car ride back to Keene to drop my brother off at school. I just passed out when my head hit pillow and I think I slept for 10 more hours that night.


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