Skyline Drive

I went biking on Skyline drive in Front Royal, VA on Friday. All I can say is WOW! That was an awesome bike ride. I’m kind of upset I didn’t got there earlier this summer. I got there really early in the morning and there was not a lot of car traffic, I think I saw more cyclists then cars but later in the day when I was done the park was starting to get crowded. I could see if being a bit of hassle if you went ride on a Saturday or Sunday afternoon.

I rode an out and back loop for a total of 40 miles.


This is going to be my new computer wallpaper:


Since there isn’t any parking at the entrance to the park I started at the visitors center about 5 miles into the park about 1,000 feet higher then the entrance. I started my ride by descending back to the visitors center and climbing back up instead of getting the large climb at the end of my ride. Really I didn’t think it was a bad climb, just get in the right gear and spin my way up. Having the power meter was nice because I could get a reasonable watts and just stick to that number.

I would consider this my first ride of serious climbing and my descent from the visitors station was fast and chilly, I had on a wind breaker but my teeth were still chattering. Even after the first climb it was still a lot of climbing the rest of the way but it never really got that steep and I was able to keep a good rhythm most of the ride.

While stopping for pictures I forgot to restart my Garmin and because the next few miles were a fast 30+ mph descent I wasn’t looking at my computer so I didn’t notice it for a while. It looks like the software took the last point before I stopped and the point where I started and just interpolated a straight line between the two for all the measures.




Here is an album of pictures that I took along the way.

This was a very cool ride and one I plan to do again. It should get even better as the colors change this fall.

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