Flat tires and Alpacas

For my Saturday ride I went out early to get ahead of the afternoon rain. I did my Middletown ride which includes a climb with a couple of very steep sections, it tops out at 15% in the first section, and 12.5% at the end.



I find that climbs like this that are short and steep are a lot harder for me then longer more gradual climbs like along skyline drive.

I was having a very good ride until about 30 miles in when I got a flat on my front tire and I almost crashed going around a corner. I got the tire changed and went riding again. It turns out I also had a flat on rear wheel. Which sucked because I only brought one spare tube with me so I pumped it back up and rode back with a semi-flat tire. I think what happened was I hit a pothole at high speed and it caused a “pinch” flat in both wheels were the tube gets stuck on the rim and punctures. This is probably what happened because when I got home I took both tires off and looked for any debris or cuts and didn’t find any. I decided to change the tires to a pair I had sitting around the garage anyway and I haven’t had any trouble since.

I have been very happy with biking the last couple of weeks, and where my power numbers are at. I have put in a lot of miles and a ton of climbing so I’m excited to see how this translates to my race this weekend where I doing an Olympic distance race on Saturday and a spring on Sunday.


There is an Alpaca farm near Frederick that I also drive by and they had an open house so I stopped by to see what they look like up close. They are some hideous looking animals.


They are very docile as evident by little kids running around with them and that they are very friendly with feeding.



Alpacas are a lot like sheep because their main function is for wool. They had some things for sale at the open house so I might go back in a couple of days and get some Alpaca gloves.



One response to “Flat tires and Alpacas

  1. Joseph Iacobucci

    did you get the gloves?

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