New Toy

I got myself a new toy this week. A Pentax Option W80 digital camera. IMGP0011_edited-1

I have been looking for a waterproof/shockproof camera that I could stick in my back pocket to take pictures on my bike rides without having to worry about it and use to look at my swim stroke. I was leaning towards getting a cannon Powershot D10 but after seeing it in person it is a gigantic camera so I decided to go with the Pentax. It looks just like a regular digital camera.




I haven’t used it much this week because it’s been raining and I’m still getting over the flu so I don’t know much about the picture quality or some of the features but here are two pictures I took in the car on the way home.



But the main reason I wanted to get the camera was to see what my swimming stroke looks like, so here it is. This is me swimming at a relatively easy pace, I would guess it was about 1:45 per 100 yards. I;m thinking my stroke would look a little bit different if I was swimming at a “fast” pace.

Above water, it is very humid at the pool so I think that’s the reason for some of the fog.

Below water, it took  me a couple of times to get the camera in the right spot to capture me swimming. I have one sequence showing the ceiling for a minute and one minute showing pool tiles.

It’s interesting to actually see what swim stroke looks like because what it feels like I’m doing and what I am actually doing are not the same. Just looking at my two videos I noticed a couple of things, it’s seem like my head gets very deep in the water sometimes, my arms look very flat going into the water from the pool deck shot, and my arms swing out way too wide on the pull.

Here is a neat little animation of the freestyle stroke I look at every now and then to see what it should look like.


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