Thanksgiving Week

I took Tuesday and Wednesday off work this week so I got a little mini vacation. The weather was horrible most of the day but I got a lot of things done


Work and Running.


I started the day with a ten mile run that went really well.


In the afternoon I did some birding with my brother and dad. The weather wasn’t that great but it was fun.







I also fooled around with camera and took a lot of pictures.

DSC08169 DSC08231



More running and doing some shopping. I also made a stop by Sugarloaf Mountain Winery which I pass on a lot of my bike ride and has some wines that I enjoy.


Turkey day. I did some running the morning. I originally planned on during a turkey trot but because the weather looked bad and legs felt tired I decided against it and just did my scheduled track workout instead. And judging by the disaster that was my last two intervals it was probably a good idea I didn’t do the race.


After running I made some pancakes and then had a nice Thanksgiving meal with family.


More running in the morning. I don’t like shopping the day after Thanksgiving but I do like the deals so this year I decided I would try to find something online. I wanted to get a Kitchen Aid mixer and was having a deal that started at 1 pm so I waited around during the middle of the day for the offer to start. The clock turned over to 1 and I took 5 seconds to comprehend that it was a good price and clicked “add to cart”. I got a message of “waiting in virtual line”, it turns out those 5 seconds were 4 to long because it was sold out by the time my request went through.

All was not lost because Kohl’s was having a good deal with some extra % off. It was a quick drive there and was surprised by the lack of crowd. I found out this was because the “door buster” deals only lasted till 1 pm, but I still managed to get myself the “door buster” deal I wanted so I was happy with that and I picked up a deal on a couple other things as well. 


I went running in the morning again and did some more shopping in the middle of the day. All the afternoon football games sucked so  I decided to make some “Chicago-style Deep Dish Pizza” before the Georgia Tech / Georgia game. And it came out delicious!!!


I even took the time to make it “homemade”. I made it with chicken breast, onions, and green peppers.


I even made the dough from scratch. (Yes that is olive oil in the bottom. I used way to much to coat the bowl and came back ten minutes later to find the dough in a puddle of olive oil I promptly dumped out.)


And made the sauce at home as well. 


Did I mention it was delicious?


It wasn’t perfect though, the sauce came out way to runny. I think this was because I put the tomato in the food processor for too long. The next time I would also let the dough sit longer and probably add some veggies to the toppings.


I defeated my nemesis, the Michelin Krylion bike tire. Since I have been getting a lot of flat tires on my bike rides I decided it was time to go with a new tire for the winter.

It took me over a week to get these tires on the rim. Getting the last part of the tire over the rim was a complete pain in the ass. I was working at it so long I got blisters all over my hands. These tires are notorious for being tough to put on but this was ridiculous. I think part of the problem was leaving them out in the garage where it was cold which probably made the rubber tougher to get over so I left them inside overnight but one of the vents and that seemed to do the trick since I was able to get them all set up today.

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