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Keene, NH

I took a quick trip to Keene this week to help my brother move out of his apartment before his six month trip to Puerto Rico. We went running on Sunday up to  a waterfall just outside of town that was really nice. It snowed a couple of inches on Monday morning so I thought it would be a good idea to go back over there for Monday’s and see what everything look liked in the snow, and I was not disappointed.

Unfortunately I forgot my waterproof camera so these are all from the iPhone.

This is at the start of the trail before going uphill:photo

This is looking down to the creek from the trail just short of the waterfall

photo (2)

Climbing down to get a better look at the waterfall  photo (3)

The waterfall

photo (5)

Taking a closer look

photo (4)

  photo (6)

And then taking the shortcut back up to the trail

photo (10)

Here are a couple of more pictures that I liked. photo (7)

 photo (8) photo (9)


I went out for a 6.5 mile run this morning and it was fantastic! I had a pair of YakTrax from last year that I had never used so I gave them a try today.


They are basically elastic straps wrapped in metal that go over your shoes. I was curious how well they would work and was very pleased. I didn’t slip once or lose my traction and I was able to run at my normal pace without any issues. The one thing to note is that they work on packed snow/ice and not like snowshoes. So if you are trying to run in powdery snow they won’t work that well.


Here are what the tracks look like.


And here is my foot post run.


For my run I made a big loop around Poolesville and took some pictures along the way.



Halmos Park



The middle school


Somebody cross country skiing



Stevens Park






Track Workout

I did my first “Interval” workout in a few months tonight and things went good. My workout called for 4×1,000 at a 6:35 min/mile pace. During the second interval I settled into a pace that was slower then I wanted and I didn’t really realize it until the end of the interval. Other then that I ran everything at the paces I needed to.



I ran this workout with my brother who is back in town for the holidays, and he was leaving me in the dust. An almost all the intervals he was about 100-125 meters in front of me which comes out to a pace somewhere in the low 5 min/mile range.

Jingle Bell 8km Run

I needed to do one more race this year to qualify for the MCRRC Championship series. If I qualified I basically had second place looked up, not because I’m the second best person in that age group but because I’ve done enough races, I know there are a lot faster people behind me in the standings.

Knowing I “had to” do this race it made it a lot easier to get up this morning when the weather was in the 30’s and raining. I got over there, signed up and then waited in the car with the heater until about 10 minutes before the race and I warmed up for a little bit. Given how bad the weather looked it was surprising to see so many people out for the race.



As soon as the race started my legs wanted nothing to do with racing so I knew it was going to be a slow day. I ran a decent first mile but then the course went uphill and onto a little trail. I got behind some people running at a slower pace then I wanted but instead of passing them I just stayed behind until we got back on the road.

I tried to pick up the pace a little but my legs didn’t feel like going back to the pace of my first mile so I just cruised along  until we went onto another sidewalk/trail and I slowed a little bit more. The course had a lot of little rolling hills which kept things interesting but the cold, cold rain made for a couple of slippery spots. I just cruised along the rest of the race and finished in 37:xx averaging just under a 7:30 min/mile pace.



After the race I had some nice icicles forming on my hat and I learned the difference between “water resistant” and “water proof”, my pants and shirt were soaked and as soon as I stopped running I was freezing.  Looking back it probably would have been a good idea to bring a change of clothes.



And here are some pictures from the snow storm we got last week.



Slip, Trip, and Fall

Adding to the theme that’s it is winter already we got snow all day Saturday, I would guess that it totaled about 2 or 3 inches. In morning I went out running when the snow started which was fun because it hadn’t starting to sticking to the ground yet and I enjoy being outside running in the snow.

I went running again in the afternoon so I could hit my weekly mileage goal since I missed two runs during the week. It had stopped snowing at this point and things were getting a little bit soggy and mushy but it wasn’t to bad.

Sunday was more interesting as some of the snow had melted and then froze overnight. Most of the sidewalks weren’t really usable so I ran in the road and wasn’t have any issues.

That is until I tried to make a turn at the bottom of the hill. I was running along at a decent pace, planted my left foot to turn and realized I stepped onto a sheet of ice and down I went. I would call it more of a slide to the ground then a fall, but I went down on my butt slid for a few feet. I instinctively hopped back up, looked around and kept on running. I have no damage, not even a scrape or bruise so that is nice because it could have been a lot worse.

Winter time

In my book it’s officially winter. The event that signals this for me is a specific workout. I got home from work at a normal time last night to do my weekly track workout and I did the entire workout in the dark, no sun at all.

Just me and my headlamp running repeats around the track. It wasn’t raining or very cold so I find it very peaceful and can get a lot of thinking done.