Slip, Trip, and Fall

Adding to the theme that’s it is winter already we got snow all day Saturday, I would guess that it totaled about 2 or 3 inches. In morning I went out running when the snow started which was fun because it hadn’t starting to sticking to the ground yet and I enjoy being outside running in the snow.

I went running again in the afternoon so I could hit my weekly mileage goal since I missed two runs during the week. It had stopped snowing at this point and things were getting a little bit soggy and mushy but it wasn’t to bad.

Sunday was more interesting as some of the snow had melted and then froze overnight. Most of the sidewalks weren’t really usable so I ran in the road and wasn’t have any issues.

That is until I tried to make a turn at the bottom of the hill. I was running along at a decent pace, planted my left foot to turn and realized I stepped onto a sheet of ice and down I went. I would call it more of a slide to the ground then a fall, but I went down on my butt slid for a few feet. I instinctively hopped back up, looked around and kept on running. I have no damage, not even a scrape or bruise so that is nice because it could have been a lot worse.


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