Keene, NH

I took a quick trip to Keene this week to help my brother move out of his apartment before his six month trip to Puerto Rico. We went running on Sunday up to  a waterfall just outside of town that was really nice. It snowed a couple of inches on Monday morning so I thought it would be a good idea to go back over there for Monday’s and see what everything look liked in the snow, and I was not disappointed.

Unfortunately I forgot my waterproof camera so these are all from the iPhone.

This is at the start of the trail before going uphill:photo

This is looking down to the creek from the trail just short of the waterfall

photo (2)

Climbing down to get a better look at the waterfall  photo (3)

The waterfall

photo (5)

Taking a closer look

photo (4)

  photo (6)

And then taking the shortcut back up to the trail

photo (10)

Here are a couple of more pictures that I liked. photo (7)

 photo (8) photo (9)

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