2010 Season Goals

With 2010 here it’s time to set my goals for the new year.

These are my goals for the 2010 Triathlon Season in order of importance:

  1. My “A” race for the year is the Eagleman Half Ironman Triathlon. This is the second year in a row I have targeted this as my main race, last year I finished in 5:18:00 mainly because of a big fade at the end of the run (run/walk the last 3 miles). My goals for the race this year is 4:50:00.
  2. I want to run a sub 1:30:00 time at a Half Marathon in march, which will most likely be the ING Georgia Marathon again. I have done this race the first 3 years of its existence finishing in 2:00:00, 1:50:00 and 1:40:00.  
  3. I want to finish in the top 5 of Virginia Triathlon Series end of year standings for my age group.
  4. This is a TBD goal for the second half of 2010. My goal time at Eagleman will not win me an age group half ironman championship spot outright but it will put me in a spot that a roll down is possible so if that happens the second half of my year would be focused around getting ready for that race. If that doesn’t happen then I think I want to focus on my running in the late summer/fall and try to qualify for the Boston Marathon at a late fall marathon like the in Philadelphia right before thanksgiving.

These are somewhat lofty goals but I think they are all achievable, so how I am going to make it happen?

Details of Goals:

  • Eagleman Estimated Splits to reach goal:
    • Swim +T1+T2 37:00
    • Bike 2:28:00
    • Run 1:45:00
  • Half Marathon
    • Break 1:30:00
  • VTS races, I need to do at least 5 races and these are the ones and goal times I have in mind
    • Rumpass in Bumpass Sprint/Olympic (Sub 1:08:00, Sub 2:20:00)
    • Kinetic Sprint
    • Giant Acorn Sprint/Olympic (Sub 1:07:00, Sub 2:15:00, )


  • Overall Fitness, Lose weight. This will help out everything. It’s simple math, if I weight less and I am exerting same effort (like Watts on the bike) I will be going faster then I weighted more. It has the biggest impact on hilly rides and longer runs (i.e. a half marathon). But it will also help with injury prevention since there is less pounding on my body.
    • Sub 200 lbs end of January 2010
    • Sub 190 lbs end of February 2010
    • Sub 180 lbs for Eagleman 2010
  • Swimming
    • Consistency: Average 2 swims per week over the winter
    • End of January 2010: 2100 yard time trial in 35 minutes (1:40 sec per 100 pace)
    • End of February: 2100 yard time trial in 32 minutes (1:31 sec per 100 pace)
    • End of May: 2100 yard time trial in 30 minutes (1:25 sec per 100 pace)
  • Biking
    • 1 interval trainer session during the week and at least 1 long ride (2:00:00 +) every week over the winter
    • Break 2:25:00 on the Eagleman course over the winter/early spring during a race prep workout
  • Running
    • Follow Daniels running plan for Half marathon with peak of 40 miles per week during the winter
    • For goal half marathon time I would like to see a  19:36 5km time, 40:39 10 km time in races this winter (Jan / Feb) as indicators that my running is where it needs to be.

Looking Back

These goals weren’t made in a vacuum they were made by looking back at what I have done and haven’t done in the past. I have always said I need to lose more weight to be more competitive in races but I haven’t done it yet, I am at the same weight I was two years ago. I think this will be the biggest thing I can do over the winter to get faster.

Number two is running consistency. Looking at my training log I haven’t been able to consistently sustain a solid running volume month-month. I’m hoping to change that this winter and sustain it into the next year. I have been very good about this since October and looking to carry it over into the new year.

This year I also plan to look into joining a masters swim team and trying to fit in some of the group runs with the MCRRC.

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