Happy MLK day

I had a great time with my day off work for MLK day. The weather was perfect for spending some time outside. It actually got warmer then this, I think it made it into the mid 50’s this afternoon.


I started off the day by filling up with some Pumpkin Pancakes from Mimi’s cafe that were very good.

Next was a trip to Cunningham Falls State Park. The park is in Thurmont and right next to Camp David were the President goes for weekends away from DC. And as the name implies the main attraction is a waterfall.


It involved a half mile trial from the parking to the base of the falls.



I started out with some pictures from the viewing area but it was kind of crowed and not very good for pictures. So I wandered around the rocks and found some good spots to take pictures of the falls and .






But I decided to do some hiking and I climbed my way to the top of the falls. I saw some deer on the way up who seemed confused that someone would be climbing up. Can you find them in the picture below?


By climbing I got to see a whole section of falls that wasn’t visible from below.


I was the only one up there, it was like I had my own private forest.


IMG_0210 IMG_0209

I started to my way back down and it was a lot more treacherous then way up. A combination of rocks, slick moss, and ice made footing a big issue.


One section on the way down involved me sliding down an 8-10 foot rock that was too slick and steep to walk down.


This should give you a sense of the size of the first section of the falls. Looking down from my spot near the top:


Looking up:


I actually climbed a fair bit higher then these guys are and I went up and around the left side of this picture.

I had a really good time exploring the area around the falls and getting to take pictures with my new camera toy. I haven’t had a chance to edit any of the photos so after I do that they should be visible in flickr album off the right of the page.

I also took a quick trip to Sugarloaf to take pictures. But this time of year things are really blah and not that interesting.




I finished the day with some workouts. I started with my second bike ride in 3 days. It’s that time of year to get back to biking.


I’m happy my bike power hasn’t fallen off too much in the last couple months. I took off the last half of November and all of December from biking just to focus on running so It’s good to see things have completely fallen apart on the bike.


After the bike I went out for a run and it was so warm I was able to run in a pair of shorts! I wanted to do a trail run today so I headed to the greenway tail but forgot that it rained all day yesterday and this trail was basically flooded.


I decided to try the C&O canal instead and it worked out much better.


I was right across the river from what I think is the Landsdowne Golf course.



I was better for running but as you can see by the shoes post run it was still a muddy mess.

IMGP0108 IMGP0116  

So overall it was a very productive MLK day.

2 responses to “Happy MLK day

  1. what the hell! a day off. who gets those? I like the pictures.

    • That’s what I get for working with government people now. On Friday everyone got out an hour early. I guess it was to get a head start on celebrating MLK day.

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