Ga Tech Alumni Dinner

I went the winter dinner for the DC Chapter of the Georgia Tech alumni association last week to hear P.W. Singer talk about his most recent book.

I read the book over Christmas break and enjoyed it. It talks about the rise of robotics and how it has impacted war. He spends the second half of the book talking these changes might create ethical and legal issues. He writes by using a lot stories and pop culture references so it is a good read especially if you aren’t familiar with the topic. He makes it easy to visualize and understand what he is talking about. 

For his talk at dinner he did something similar presentation to his TED talk which is a very good summary of the key ideas in the book and he tells some of the stories as well. The book is 400 pages long so if you don’t have the time for that check out the video, it’s about 15 minutes. He was also on the Daily Show last year.

After the talk he stuck around to answer some questions from the group and I got my book signed.

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