10 Mile Training Run

1 mile warmup, 10 miles @ Marathon Pace (7:25 min/mile), 1 mile cooldown.

That was my running workout for Saturday and I hit it exactly right.


I wanted to run with as few interruptions from street lights as crossings as possible so I went to Leesburg to run on the W&OD trail.


After the warm-up I was able to get the 10 miles done in just over an hour and fourteen minutes for a 7:25 minutes per mile pace which was exactly the pace I was shooting for with this workout. It’s not a race but this would be have been a 10 mile personal best for me, I ran a 1:15:10 last spring.


But the part about this workout that I am most excited about is that once I got into a grove it didn’t feel like a hard effort and I still had a lot life let in my legs towards the end, all of this was at the end of a 35 mile running week too.

This feeling is backed up by the heart rate data from the workout. The fact that my heart rate stays level the entire time of the intervals (spike down was a bathroom stop) means that I wasn’t running out of endurance and that I could hold that pace much longer. If I was getting tired one of two things would have happened, I would have slowed down, or my heart rate would have drifted upwards as I had to work harder to maintain the same pace. The fact that neither one of those happened is a good thing.


So things keeping moving the right direction for having a good half marathon this spring.

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