In case you didn’t know it’s suppose to snow this weekend. A lot of snow.

It’s not suppose to start sticking to the ground and get bad until later in the day today but that didn’t stop the drive home from work today being totally ridiculous.

I had some extra hours at work banked from last week so my plan was to work a half day and then go meet some people  for lunch in Chantilly. I was coming from near College Park MD and didn’t make it there because the traffic was so absurd.


When I was in school at UMD I had some friends from PA, NY, and other parts of the north east that would always make fun of how bad DC is at handling snow and I would always try to defend DC, but after today I will no longer do that.

I was driving along I-495 when it started to flurry a bit and it was like people decided to close their eyes and drive. The snow wasn’t sticking and the roads weren’t slick but I saw 5 people decide to pull off to the shoulder and stop driving. And lots of people struggling with the concept of staying in the single lane while they are driving.

Heading towards the American legion bridge into VA I saw a surprisingly large number of police cars sitting near the median, like one every 1/2 mile and I would eventually find out why.

I got across the bridge and was heading towards Tyson’s Corner when traffic started to slow down and it started snowing heavier so I decided to bail out of lunch and head home. Since white’s ferry is closed I would have to go by Tyson’s on the way home and I figured it would be a mess later in the day.

When I turned around and started heading back to MD I was greeted with a rude surprise as traffic came to a complete standstill about a mile south of the American legion bridge. I found the traffic station and they said traffic across the Legion Bridge was ‘temporarily stopped” which I found odd. I was sitting there for about 20 minutes and then traffic started moving again. I headed home and didn’t see an accident or police off to the shoulder.

What happened is that all the police cars I saw earlier stopped traffic for those twenty minutes so that salt trucks could go by and treat the roads between I495 and 270, I guess someone thought people wouldn’t be able to drive on the road while the salt trucks were working?

I think I’m going to venture outside tomorrow to take some cool snow pictures so keep an eye out for those.



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