DC Blizzard 2010

Over night we got a ton of snow and it was still coming down in the morning.


But that didn’t stop me from going out for a run.

Usually when I run in the snow I use my sunglasses but they get flakes stuck on them and it get foggy, and when I try to run without glasses the snow flakes get in my eyes so I decided to try out ski goggles today.


I put on the  yaktrax and off I went.


The side walks hadn’t been touched so I ran down the middle of the road in tire tracks that some people had left. There weren’t many cars out, I saw a total of two, so I didn’t any issues with being in the road.


The goggles worked well for keeping the snow out my eyes and stayed clear. But unlike my sunglasses they don’t have my vision prescription in them so I had a few instances of stumbling over an uneven snow pile or a hidden speed bump.


I did get a lot of funny looks from people out shoveling driveways. I wonder if it was the goggles or the fact I was out running?


The run itself was a lot of fun. I didn’t have any issues with footing and I was able to maintain a decent pace. In fact, the first mile of my run was really easy for the pace I was at, but that was due to running with the wind at my back. When I turned around I was greeted with a strong breeze and snow blowing in my face.  Visibility did get a little low when I was running on roads by an open field but because really wasn’t very cold out the weather wasn’t too bad at all.


So there you have it, my run during the blizzard of 2010.


I finished the day with an hour and forty five minutes on the bike trainer inside.


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