Ankle Injury 2.0

I messed up my ankle, again. I did something similar 2 years ago and you can find some pictures of the awesome bruising that happened here, and here.

For this one I stepped on a chunk of ice/snow while I was running this morning at rolled it. I saw a really low flying helicopter going overhead so I looked up to see what it was and kept running. That is when I stepped wrong and twisted it since I wasn’t looking at where I was going.

Luckily it was early in my run and I walked the half mile back home and iced and elevated it. About a half hour later the pain got really bad, I was sweating, light headed, and felt like I was going to yak so I figured a trip to the doctor would be a good idea.

Because of all the snow my regular doctor was closed I went to an emergency care clinic. After sitting there for a while the ankle was feeling much better and I could put weight on it so I was fairly certain it wasn’t broken. They took x-rays anyways just to make sure, and it is not broken. I got an air cast and am going to have to stay off it for a while.

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