Updating the Ankle

The ankle is improving very quickly. It’s much better then last time, which based on how the ankle was looking Thursday is very good news. I’ve been walking around pain free for a few days and I’ve actually been swimming the last three days. I think I’m going to try to bike inside tomorrow, see what happens and then try to run on Wednesday if things are going well.

The ankle doesn’t hurt and isn’t tender to the touch anymore but it has developed some bruising in the last 24-48 hours  which was expected. It looks much worse then it is.



I also noticed my other ankle has a little scar from my bike crash two years ago.


One thing that I believe has helped the ankle out this time is the balance board I have been using. I’ll spend 5-10 minutes at a time balancing, and then roll circles in both directions.


I think this has helped to make sure things don’t get stiff and tight in the ankle as it is healing which can tend to happen if it’s up in a split all day.


One neat thing I noticed about the board today, is that the plastic piece on the bottom is off-center, so depending on the what angle you are standing at the balance point changes.



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