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Pictures from the work trip

Here are some iPhone pics I took during my work trip this week.

photo (1) photo (5)photo (3)

photo (2)

 photo (6)

New DC Photos

After my race today I went to venture around DC and came across an antiwar protest. You can see my pictures from the even here:

National Half Marathon 2010

I ran the National Half Marathon in DC this weekend. As you recall I sprained my ankle about a month ago and lost out on several high mileage weeks so I knew my sub 1:30:00 goal was realistic anymore.

But here is what I did do:

Overall AG Gender 10 km time 10 km pace chip time pace
402 106/605 335/2909 43:34 7:01 1:35:11 7:16


This is a five minute PR on a course that I think was hillier (ie slower) then the course in Atlanta which was a surprise to me. And the weather was absolutely perfect today.

The race starts at RFK which was painless to get to in the morning and then makes a clockwise loop around DC.  I really the liked the course, the first few miles involved a trip by the Capital building as the sun was still rising which looked awesome. And then the rest of the course had great crowd support from the neighborhoods and aid stations. 


The start wasn’t much of a hassle and I was able to settle into my pace but I was up towards the front so it might have been different further back.


There was a slight downhill on the second mile that I picked up some time and then I settled into a 7:10 pace for a while until the hilly section. I took things easy going up the hills but looking at my chart for pace I didn’t make up as much time going downhill as I should have.

After the hills I keep chugging along and passed the 10 mile mark in 1:12:00 (which is a PR). I tried to pick it up for the last 3 miles but that didn’t happen. Instead I lost focus around the 11 1/2 mile mark and slowed down quite a bit. 



I still put in a good effort and think I paced the race well based on my splits time remembering that the middle miles are a bit hillier.

And here are the obligatory finish photos of me looking like I am going to throw up.

  DSC00063_edited-1 DSC00067_edited-1 DSC00073_edited-1

I milled around the finish area getting some food, drinks, and then took a photo at the start line. Looking back it’s been nice to see the progress in my half marathon times. I’ve gone from a 2:02:04 to a 1:53:50 to a 1:40:54 and now a 1:35:11.



This race signals the end of my running focused winter and now it’s time to get back into full triathlon training mode and ramp up for the Eagleman half ironman in June where I think the plan is going to be to shoot for a 1:45:00 half marathon.

Random tidbit for the day

Today was my last hard workout before the half marathon on Saturday. I was doing 3/4 mile repeats at track and had the entire track to myself.

I guess all the rain from the past four days and the fact it looks like it was going to rain again scared everyone off. But in the middle of my workout two dogs come out from the nearby townhouses and wander out to football field in the middle of the track. They looked nice and seemed to just be running around having a good time so I ignored them and focused on my run.

A few minutes latter I look into the field to see what they are doing since I haven’t seen them run past me for a while. And there they are out in the middle of the football field working on making some puppies!

Rainy Day

It’s been raining all day so I finally took the time to finish putting my old road bike back together. I’ve had most of done for the past 3 months I just needed a new front derailleur and two bolts for the crank arm. I finally bought them this afternoon and spent a couple minutes putting on the finishing touches. This bike has cheaper components on it then my other bikes and getting the shifting set up correctly is a pain in the a$$ with this cheaper stuff.


This is the first road bike I owned and I used this my first triathlon season. I got the money to buy this bike my during my second year in grad school with some money I won on a trip to Las Vegas.


This adds a 3rd  bike to my collection.

The second bike I got was the triathlon bike. It’s been sitting in this position hooked to trainer for the last two month.


And the most recent bike is the Cervelo Road bike.


New Photos

I just posted to new sets to the photo blog:

MCRRC Championship Series Prize

I noted this a couple weeks ago that I won my age group this year long Montgomery County Road Runners Club Championship points series last year. It was totally undeserved, I was the only person that ran enough races and I was in no way the fastest person in my age group. But anyways, my award came in the mail today.


A $60 gift certificate to a local running store! This was a very nice surprise, I was expecting a little certificate or plaque or something. But this is almost enough for a new pair of running shoes. The club membership for the year was 15 or 20 bucks and covered all the race entry fees so I made $40 running in 2009. Does this make me a professional athlete now?