MCRRC Championship Series Prize

I noted this a couple weeks ago that I won my age group this year long Montgomery County Road Runners Club Championship points series last year. It was totally undeserved, I was the only person that ran enough races and I was in no way the fastest person in my age group. But anyways, my award came in the mail today.


A $60 gift certificate to a local running store! This was a very nice surprise, I was expecting a little certificate or plaque or something. But this is almost enough for a new pair of running shoes. The club membership for the year was 15 or 20 bucks and covered all the race entry fees so I made $40 running in 2009. Does this make me a professional athlete now?


One response to “MCRRC Championship Series Prize

  1. Joseph Iacobucci

    I think you turn pro once you can at a minimum feed yourself out of the money.

    How’s slightly less than 11 cents a day feel?

    Thats cool that you got it though. You are in that large age group, and you must have spent more time at races than anyone else to win then.

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