Rainy Day

It’s been raining all day so I finally took the time to finish putting my old road bike back together. I’ve had most of done for the past 3 months I just needed a new front derailleur and two bolts for the crank arm. I finally bought them this afternoon and spent a couple minutes putting on the finishing touches. This bike has cheaper components on it then my other bikes and getting the shifting set up correctly is a pain in the a$$ with this cheaper stuff.


This is the first road bike I owned and I used this my first triathlon season. I got the money to buy this bike my during my second year in grad school with some money I won on a trip to Las Vegas.


This adds a 3rd  bike to my collection.

The second bike I got was the triathlon bike. It’s been sitting in this position hooked to trainer for the last two month.


And the most recent bike is the Cervelo Road bike.


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