Rumpass in Bumpass Olympic Distance Race

I finished in 2:20:xx but I would have really liked to get under 2:20:00. Considering how the day started and the fact I took 5 minutes off my time from October on the same course I can’t complain to much.

(I’m going to update times and places once the results come out)

Overall (2:20:27, 45 overall, 9th AG)

Swim (28:56, 133 overall, 16 AG)


The water was 66 degrees and I didn’t think it felt too bad. With the weather front that went through the night before it was windy and the lake had lots of little waves in it making the water rough. DSC00751

This was an extremely disappointing swim for me. I was expecting to swim much, much faster. I’ve been seeing lots of improvements in my pool times and on Friday I swam a 1000 yard time trial in the pool with my wetsuit on and averaged 1:21 per 100 yards which is way off from this swim result.

I was probably swimming in the mid 1:30’s but went so far off course I swam a lot of extra distance. The race didn’t start until 10 so I made the mistake of thinking it would be ok to not use tinted goggles. Why I thought this was a good idea I don’t know but it was a big mistake. After making the first turn I was having trouble seeing more then 200 yards ahead because of the sun reflecting off the water so I was doing a lot of zig zagging  and around the last turn buoy I took and extra long line to get to the finish.

The one complaint I have about this swim was the start. In the past they have had everyone line up between the dock and first buoy and start that way with the first turn maybe 400 yards away. Today they have decided to have everyone line up at the dock, swim ~75 yards and then make a right hand turn at the buoy, which caused a lot of congestion that wasn’t necessary. They did change this for Sunday which made things a lot nicer.


I used my new Garmin 310 for the race and it does a good job of getting the outline of the swim course fairly accurate. It’s not intended to give you a good GPS reading while you are swimming because the signal drops in and out with each stroke as it is submerged but it is waterproof so you can get swim times and not have worry about putting on a watch in transition.



T1 (1:17, 25th overall, 5th AG)

Biking (1:04:05, 38th overall, 5th AG)

I’m happy with my ride and I hit the watts I wanted without having to work to hard and I did a good job of staying hydrated. This ride went like most of my Setup Event races, I pass all the swimmers who can’t bike in the first 5 miles and then I don’t see anyone else for several more miles and ride by myself. This course was two laps and the second lap was more crowded with the people in latter waves but after getting through the first 5 miles of the second lap things cleared out again. And I finished up feeling good.



T2 (1:02, 36th overall, 11th AG)

Run (45:09, 65th overall, 10th AG)


It was nice to see all my running this winter pay off with an improved run time. This was a 3-4 minute improvement over last fall and 7 minutes over last spring on the same run course.


The course started by coming out of transition and going on trails to get to the main road and I was nervous about this section because of my rolled ankle from earlier this spring. But I watched where I was stepping and didn’t have an issues on the way out or back on the trail. After the trail it’s two loops on some rolling country roads and I keep a steady effort, I slowed a little the last couple miles but that’s expected.


Post race

I was really bummed out with the swim because I could have been in the 1:17-1:16 range if I swam like I’m capable of and that would have been a big improvement in time for me. The biking was fine considering I took most of the winter off to focus on running and the run was a big drop in time too. To improve the swim I think I’m going to sign up for the Reston lake swim in May to get as much open water swimming in as possible so that I can improve my ability to swim in a straight line and getting better at drafting which I am still horrible at. One thing I’m going to look into is prescription swim goggles. My eyes aren’t that bad but since I don’t wear contacts and use prescription sunglasses for the bike and run this is something that might help.

While getting some post race food and checked the race results I ran into DC Rainmaker who’s blog I enjoy reading.

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  1. Very nice – you’ve got your own photog! Congrats on the race!

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