Rumpass in Bumpass Sprint Distance Race Report

I didn’t get enough racing on Saturday so I decided to make it a double race weekend and do the sprint race on Sunday to.

(Updated with times when results are posted)

Overall (1:11:19, 19th, 4th age group)

Swim (13:21, 50th overall, 11th AG)

The course made the same triangle just not going out as far before turning right.  The race directors did make improvement over yesterday’s race and had every start in a line between the dock and buoy so it’s wasn’t a mess of people at the first turn buoy.


But the start of the race was still very interesting. While treading water waiting for the gun to go off someone had a panic attack, cramp, passed out, or something and one of the kayakers had to come and get them out of the water and I think the person went off in the ambulance. This added about 10 minutes of treading water before the start which would have sucked if that’s something you aren’t good at it.DSC00921

The wind wasn’t blowing so the water was a lot calmer then Saturday and this swim was better then yesterday’s but was still a little slower then I was hoping for. I used the tinted goggles so I was actually able to see where I was going. And I took much better line coming back towards the dock and saved myself some time.


T1 (1:33, 35th overall, 7th AG)

This transition sucked. It took forever for me to get my wetsuit off. It was chilly out so I decided it would be a good idea to put on arm warmers under my wetsuit to have for the bike. But when I took off the wetsuit they were soaked so I took take the time to get them off too.

Bike (33:33, 16th overall, 3 AG)

Not having the arm warmers made the first few minutes of the bike ride chilly but after a few minutes it went away.

DSC01006 DSC01005

I passed a bunch of people in the first two miles and then would see a person a few hundred yards up the road and slowly reel them. I did this until about the 9 mile mark when I saw two people up the road who I wasn’t able to catch before the end of the course. Part of the reason the course was so empty on the bike is only 6-7 other people had finished the bike before me.


The wind picked up on the bike today and was much steadier. This was backed up by my power meter and is one of the reasons I really like having it. Today I averaged 270 Watts and went 22.4 mph, yesterday I average 256 Watts and averaged 22.6 mph. So by having the watts, which is independent of the weather conditions I can see that I had a strong ride on Sunday even though it’s not reflected in the speed. If I didn’t have the power I could say it was winder but would know how much an impact it had or maybe assume my legs were tired from Saturdays race when that wasn’t really the case.

T2 (0:54, 10th overall, 1 AG)

Run (22:00, 37th overall, 4 AG)

This was a frustrating run. I improved from last years time but it still wasn’t enough. I got run down with about a 1 1/2 miles to go and came in 4th in my AG just missing the podium.


I came out of transition feeling really good and when I got through the trail and onto the road the course was EMPTY. I saw one person a half mile up the road and that was it. I was running by myself until I got passed by someone a mile into the run. After hitting the turnaround I got passed by a group of four people that included someone in my age group and I tried keeping pace with them but wasn’t able to hold on and slowly watched them run away from me over the last mile.


I was running by myself the rest of the way and just keep pushing to finish line.


This is the fourth weekend of races I’ve done and this location and like always I really enjoyed it. This is a really nice location for triathlons and I look forward to coming back in the fall for the Giant Acorn race weekend.

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