Mixed bag weekend

I had a mixed bag of workouts this weekend, some good and some not so good. Things started out not so good on Thursday.

I did my long run after work and it was one of my worst in a long time. I felt bad from the start and the first hour of the run at “easy” pace was a lot more work then it should have been. Things got a bit better during the second half of my run when I had marathon and half marathon intervals sprinkled but again it was much harder then it should have been. I don’t think I was dehydrated or out of energy because I ate when I usually do. Maybe it was just my double race weekend from last week catching up with me.  


Friday I went and played some golf after work and my round was a mixed bag as well. I would go on streaks of playing par golf, and then start sucking for a few holes. But I don’t get worried about it anymore. I figure since I don’t spend much time playing or practicing anymore I shouldn’t be expecting to go out and shoot in the low 80’s so if it happens great, but if not oh well. One thing I really enjoy about golf is all the different people you get to meet out on the golf course. For this round I met the host of My Generation, a TV show on PBS.

After golf I went and did some late night swimming in Leesburg. I swam from 8:30 until the close and 9:30 and had the pool all to myself which was very nice.

Saturday I had my long ride. This goes on the positive side of the weekend, I had an awesome 3 and 1/2 hour ride, one of my best yet. I hit all my wattage goals on the number and didn’t feel too drained at the end of my ride.


This ride was also interesting because of some of the crowds out on the roads. There was an charity ride that went through town that I knew about before I started. I saw the group of maybe 300 people leaving when I was returning to town at the end of my ride.

What I was surprised about was seeing a lot of runners on my bike route, and it looked like it was part of a race. It turns out the American Odyssey relay race was taking place this weekend. The race is a two day, 200 mile relay race from Gettysburg, PA to DC. One of the handoff points was next to the gas station I stop at to refill my water bottles. I talked with some of the people doing the race it seems like it would be an interesting experience and neat to be able to say you finished it. Oh, and the team that won last year won in 23 hours, which is about a 7 min pace and this is not a flat route. I found that very impressive.

Sunday I had a two hour ride followed by a half hour run. Because the weathermen were calling for rain and thunderstorms all day I decided to ride on the trainer. I hate riding on the training for anything over an hour and was very disappointed to see that it was bright and sunny all afternoon when I could have been riding outside. But because I rode inside in the morning instead of waiting until the afternoon I had some time to fire up the grill for the first time this year.


I made some chicken with a mango topping and grilled asparagus which I think turned out well.

IMG_1602_edited-1 IMG_1598_edited-1

But the best part was the dessert that I made. It was strawberries grilled in a sugar/vanilla sauce. I should have taken a picture of the strawberries while they were grilling with the sauce the bubbling and looking good.

This was the highlight of the meal and was fantastic!IMG_1605_edited-1 IMG_1604_edited-1

One response to “Mixed bag weekend

  1. Oooh! that food looks amazing! I’ve never even thought to put strawberries on the grill? Mmm…

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