Last week I took a work trip to Huntsville, Alabama for a few days. I had a late flight back Friday so and had some free time Thursday so I got to visit some interesting locations.

Thursday I visited the Brahan Springs natatorium for my swim. This is a really nice indoor/outdoor pool that’s only cost $3 to get into so it was a great deal. It’s a 25 yard by 50 meter setup so maybe I’ll get lucky and they will it set up for long course meters next time I’m in town because I’ve never swam in a 50 meter pool.

I had some technique pointers I was working on that finally clicked and I was swimming right around 1:30 per all my 100’s which was really good to see.

DSC_4095.jpg image by charles_ucsb

In the evening I drove 15 minutes outside of town to the Monte Sano state park to get in a trail run. The park has a very vast trail network and looks like it has some great mountain biking. I stuck to a couple of trails at the top of the ridge so that I went back by my car to rehydrate because it was about 92 degrees and very humid outside.  


Friday had a few hours to kill before my flight home so on a recommendation I drove to Decatur, Al and visited the award winning Big Bob Gibson Bar-B-Q

I got a pork plate which was delicious and is probably the Best Bar-B-Q I’ve had so far. But the sauce is really what makes it. They have won tons of awards for it, and I think it lived up to the hype. I actually just went to webpage and you guy buy the sauce online, so I’m probably going to buy  some after I finish righting this.


Back in Huntsville I went by the US Space and Rocket Center. This also happens to be the home of Space Camp which I always remember as being one of the prizes on those Nickelodeon game shows I watched as a kid.

I didn’t think the museum is as good as the one’s in DC but that’s probably not a fair comparison. Most of the museum focuses on the role Huntsville has played in the development of rockets for the military and in space exploration. It also has lots of info about Wernher von Braun. Plus there’s two full scale Saturn V’s; one is by the main entrance  and the other is laying on it’s side in the main museum.    

photo (1)

And they have this in the parking lot. It’s an SR-71 right?

photo (2) 

No, it’s actually an A-12 which was built for the CIA and is what lead to the SR-71 program. Most people don’t know this plane existed they just know the SR-71. 

So overall I had a good couple days in Huntsville. I got a couple of solid bike rides in this weekend and I’m feeling really good about Eagleman next Sunday. 


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