BBQ Sunday

My grill had been out of commission for a few weeks because I hadn’t found the time to get a new igniter and install it. I finally found the time this weekend and decided I would try to make some pulled pork on Sunday.


I started out Saturday night by getting some rub and letting it sit overnight.


Sunday morning I let it sit out for a few minutes and then injected an apple juice based sauce into the pork to help keep it tender.


And at 10:30 I tossed it onto the grill over indirect heat and let it cook.


For a long time


It even thunder stormed for a while so I rolled the grill into the patio to cook for the last couple hours.


At 9pm  I made the executive decision that it was cooked enough and it was time for dinner. I pulled it apart and made some sandwiches with a couple of different BBQ sauces.



The pork had a really good taste to it but it was clear that certain parts hadn’t been cooked all the way because there was still a lot of fat left.


Thinking about it now the problem was how I dealt with the indirect heat while cooking. I have a four burner grill so I set the far left grill on low and put the pig on the far right side of the grill and never turned it during cooking. This probably caused one side of the pig to cook a lot faster then the other producing the results I got. So next time I either need to rotate it a couple times during cooking or if I can still keep the temperature low enough I am going to try and turn the far left and far right burners on low and put the pig in the middle.

Today I put the pieces with a lot of fat left into the oven at 250* and let them cook for a couple more hours and things turned out very good with dinner tonight.  


3 responses to “BBQ Sunday

  1. Joseph Iacobucci

    that … is amazing.

    I have never slow cooked pork.


  2. haha! I knew Joe would be the comment on this even before I looked. 🙂

    The pictures are pretty enticing!!

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