Monthly Archives: August 2010

San Diego

Last week I had to go LA for work so I was able to swing by the San Diego the weekend before a little vacation. I took a flight out after work on Thursday which got stuck on the runway for about an hour and I wasn’t able to make it San Diego until after midnight local time.

Friday I slept in and then got in a solid mid morning swim in an outdoor and just lounged around the rest of the morning.

The rest of the day was picnic near downtown and then a nice Italian dinner in downtown Del Mar.

Saturday started with an awesome run out to Torrey Pines park and back.


It was the perfect day and location for a run. The weather was cool but not cold and the scenery was absolutely gorgeous,tons of people were out running and biking. If I had to pick one place to do the rest of my runs at this would probably be it.


Saturday afternoon was spent at PetCo Park watching the Padres play and it was bobblehead night. We got there early to try and catch some balls during batting practice without any luck.


Coincidently it was also Miguel Tejada’s (former Oriole) first game after being traded. The Padres lost to the Marlins, and actually almost got no hit. 


Sunday morning was golf at Torrey Pines!

I played the north course which is the less famous of the two but it was still awesome. There are several holes that run right along the Ocean and you can still see the water from most of the other holes.


Unfortunately I played like crap so I can’t brag about making some birdies on famous holes. Next time I think I’ll bring my own clubs out and hopefully play better.


The rest of the day was spent with a late lunch in La Jolla and relaxing at the beach for a few hours. I had a great time relaxing for the weekend and learned that I love San Diego so much more then LA.