Customer Service

I got some very good customer service at REI last week.

My Garmin Edge 705 bike computer had been acting up lately. Creating corrupt history files, freezing, etc… it seemed like it was dying. I did some research in the Garmin forum and after trying all the tricks I could it seemed like I would have to return it Garmin for a refurbished one.

I was looking for the receipt which I couldn’t find but I remembered that I bought the Garmin at REI so I stopped by the store to see if I could take advantage of their “100% satisfaction guarantee”. So going in I had no receipt, and this was a piece of electronics I bought 18 months ago. I told them it wasn’t working anymore and that I would like to exchange it but that I did not have the receipt. They took a quick look at my membership purchase history to make sure I bought it there (which also lets them know it was 18 months ago). Not only did they exchange it for me, but they looked how much I paid for it and now the Garmin is on sale for $65 less then I bought it for so I got a new device and $65!

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