Getting Ready for Austin

It’s less then one week until the Austin 70.3 Half Ironman, I fly to Austin Friday morning and I’m getting very ecited about the race. I’ve finished all the hard work and it’s time to start tapering and resting up. It’s hard to believe this will be my 5th half ironman, only one of which I would consider a “successful” race.

But I think I have finally gotten things right this time. I want to see where my training over the last few months puts me and to erase the disaster of a race that was Eagleman. This has been far and away the most consistent and hardest stretch of training I’ve done. Almost every weekend has been a 2+ hour run and 3+ hour bike ride with the pace and speeds improving each and every week. I have also been consistently swimming ~ 10,000 yards a week which is much more then I had been doing. 

Plus I have this going for me over the past year. (I can’t find the file that has the start of 2010)


I’ve already seen the work pay off with a PR and my first age group win at the Sea Colony Triathlon in September. 

I have also been doing a “race day brick” workout every couple of months with the last one being Sunday and producing some awesome results. I completed a 2000 yard swim in 30:00, then a one and 1/2 hour bike ride with the last 45 minutes at the heart rates I’m going to be racing at which produced a 21.5 mph average without race wheels or helmet.


Then I had a 45 minute run at race heart rates and averaged a 7 min per mile pace. 


All of these are bests for me, and I was still feeling good at the end of this workout. It’s tough to predict times because of weather and so many things can go right and wrong during a race this long; but sub 5 hours is looking very doable.

If you want to follow me Sunday go to and then athlete tracker for Austin 70.3. You can  follow by my last name (Howard,Andrew) or my bib number #1871 and my wave starts at 8:25 local time.

2 responses to “Getting Ready for Austin

  1. Joseph Iacobucci

    The graph is of your weight?

    (ha, first guess was heart rate, but that didn’t make any sense.)

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