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2010 Year in Review

This is my year in review post for 2010.  It’s really made up of two parts, pre and post Eagleman.

Before Eagleman I was training myself and had some good results, PR a 1/2 Half Marathon and an AG podium at one of my triathlons in my ramp up to Eagleman. But I wasn’t as prepared for Eagleman as I needed to be and Eagleman itself was a complete disaster.

After taking a few weeks off I decided it was time for a change and I wanted a coach. This was one of the best decisions I’ve made, the structure and consistency in my training has really paid off. Plus I’ve focused on my weight and it’s fallen  big time:


I’ve had some very successful results the second half of the year, taking an AG win and barely missing a 10 top overall finish in an Olympic distance race. I overcoming some technical difficulties to set a PR at the Austin 1/2 Ironman in October and I’ve set 5k and 10k PR in the last four weeks.

Here is how everything compares to the last few years with a week and a half still left in 2010.

Year Total Hours Swim Time Swim yardage Bike Time Bike Miles Run Time Run Miles
2008 377 hr 79 195,000 163 2,621 135 917
2009 377 hr 65 184,000 156 2,811 156 1,086
2010 436 hr 104 311,000 166 2939 166 1,142


The one thing that stands out is the BIG jump in swim time and most of that has been in the second half of this compared to the first. I have had some technique lessons with my coach and I’ve been much more consistent week to week then every before. It’s paid off with some improved times in my two races this fall. But based on how things are progressing in the pool this winter next year I expect to be coming out of the water a lot closer to the front of the race then I have been in previous triathlons.

The bike and run times look about the same as past years  but are actually very different. In the past I’ve been doing a lot of rides/runs where I just went out with no goal or did some intervals. The second half of this year each and every workout had  a goals and purpose, this resulted in my improved run and bike times at races.

For 2011 goals I’m doing Eagleman again and think the 3rd year will be the year I finally get it right. Based on how much faster I’ve gotten and the improvements I expect to be making this winter, unless it is an absurdly hot race day I should be capable of breaking 4:40 which would put in a good spot for a World Championship roll down slot. 

The rest of the 2011 will be some running races this winter and some triathlons at Lake Anna in the build up to Eagleman. The second half of the year is TBD based on what happens at Eagleman but I will probably do another half at the end of the summer. I’m thinking of maybe the Rev3 South Carolina or go for temperature extremes with the sweltering heat of Eagleman and the sure to be cold temperatures at Ironman Pocono Mountains.

2010 Jingle All the Way 10km

My Garmin file got corrupt so I don’t have any of my normal heart rate or pace data for this race so this will be quick.

The weather was nasty out, cold and rainy.


The race was in Potomac park along the river and after being detoured because of road closures I was able to find parking some parking a mile from the start. I got started with my warmup and timed things well, finishing less then five minutes from the start. At this point I knew my Garmin was in trouble because it hadn’t recognized the foot pod during the warmup and wouldn’t clear the timer when I went to reset things for the start of the race.

The race was a very flat out and back loop along the Potomac river so the race plan was very simple, build to a specific HR and hold it for the first 5 miles, then bump up the effort the last mile.

I started a couple of rows from the front and didn’t get caught up the people sprinting at the start so I settled into my heart rate within the first half mile. I went through the first couple miles around a 6:20 pace. After the first two miles the crowds started to thin out towards the turn around and slowed a bit to a 6:30’s pace. I was staying at my desired HR but running mostly by myself or one other person so it was very surprising after the turn around to see how many people were in this race. Half of Ohio Drive was packed with people shoulder to shoulder all the way back towards the start. Apparently it took about 5 minutes to get everyone across the start line.


After mile 5 the plan was to pick up the effort and and I did, running in the 6:20’s again, and at the six mile marker I did the quick math and thought I had a chance to sneak under 40 minutes but I just missed out finishing around 40:10 which is still a several minute PR for me at this distance. But I would have been really nice to see 39 as my time.


I’m happy with the race and am continuing to see big improvements with my running this year. With more hard work hopefully the trend continues and this spring I will be running 40 min 10k’s as part of triathlons.  


I parked along the race course and wasn’t going to be able to leave for a while so I got some bagels and coffee and then went over to the Jefferson Memorial to kill some time. This is one of the things I tend to take for granted being so close to DC that I can go see the monuments whenever I want to.


Spending a Week in SoCal

I took a work/personal trip to Los Angeles and San Diego which is was a welcome change to cold weather that is settling in to DC, it looks like snow flurries at the end of this week.

It also didn’t hurt that I was staying at the Ritz Carlton in Marina Del Rey (at the government per diem rate) and this was the view out my window for a few days.


This was the first time I have stayed at Ritz Carlton and it was very nicely decorated for Christmas.  Everything was extremely fancy and I felt out of place, for example the hotel gift shop was a diamond store. I felt like I was in a museum and shouldn’t touch anything because I might break it.


I really enjoyed the robes in the hotel room and wanted to take one home, but unlike taking the little shampoos this was very clearly frowned upon.


I got some training in while I was there, taking advantage of the opportunity to run in shorts and a t-shirt in December. On Tuesday I took a quick run to Venice beach after I checked in to stretch out the legs after the long flight.


Wednesday I visited the weight room and Thursday I was up before dawn to get in an interval run before work. It was very peaceful running along the marina in the moonlight and then I followed a paved path on the beach as planes were coming in from the west to LAX.


To illustrate how early I was up, this is the view from my room after I was done with an hour and 15 min run and showered. But because I tend to stay on east coast time when I travel it really wasn’t to bad getting up early.


Friday morning I took the train to San Diego for a quick trip to visit some friends.


When I got to town I got some late breakfast by the beach and  got in a quick swim. The afternoon was a trip to UCSD aquarium to see the creatures.



And get attacked by a Great White shark.


Saturday morning I went inland to play some golf. I didn’t play too great but I don’t play that much anymore so I have no expectations when I go out to play. The course has some of the smoothest greens I’ve putted in a while. The layout had a lot of variety to keep things interesting with a few holes that involved tee shots carrying a canyon or hitting down into a valley.

In the afternoon I went for a run to Torrey Pines and back. Last time I was here I went up the hill to the top of Torrey Pines when I got to the park but this time I noticed people running on the beach and decided to try it. Unlike the east coast beaches I’ve been to that have soft sand, the sand here was very firm and I was able to run in my shoes without having to worry about sinking. I was able to run along the beach for a few miles enjoying the ocean and cliff scenery.


Saturday night was a good sea food dinner of Swordfish right on the beach with a view that never gets old.


Sunday was an awesome breakfast of Strawberry Walnut pancakes that I will probably try to recreate this weekend. The place with in La Jolla overlooking the ocean and while eating breakfast I could watch some triathletes getting in a morning swim and then I went down the block to visit seal beach.


After that it was time to catch a quick flight from San Diego to LAX and then back to Dulles where I was greeted by a windy 28 degree evening, reminding how awesome the weather is in Southern California.