2010 Jingle All the Way 10km

My Garmin file got corrupt so I don’t have any of my normal heart rate or pace data for this race so this will be quick.

The weather was nasty out, cold and rainy.


The race was in Potomac park along the river and after being detoured because of road closures I was able to find parking some parking a mile from the start. I got started with my warmup and timed things well, finishing less then five minutes from the start. At this point I knew my Garmin was in trouble because it hadn’t recognized the foot pod during the warmup and wouldn’t clear the timer when I went to reset things for the start of the race.

The race was a very flat out and back loop along the Potomac river so the race plan was very simple, build to a specific HR and hold it for the first 5 miles, then bump up the effort the last mile.

I started a couple of rows from the front and didn’t get caught up the people sprinting at the start so I settled into my heart rate within the first half mile. I went through the first couple miles around a 6:20 pace. After the first two miles the crowds started to thin out towards the turn around and slowed a bit to a 6:30’s pace. I was staying at my desired HR but running mostly by myself or one other person so it was very surprising after the turn around to see how many people were in this race. Half of Ohio Drive was packed with people shoulder to shoulder all the way back towards the start. Apparently it took about 5 minutes to get everyone across the start line.


After mile 5 the plan was to pick up the effort and and I did, running in the 6:20’s again, and at the six mile marker I did the quick math and thought I had a chance to sneak under 40 minutes but I just missed out finishing around 40:10 which is still a several minute PR for me at this distance. But I would have been really nice to see 39 as my time.


I’m happy with the race and am continuing to see big improvements with my running this year. With more hard work hopefully the trend continues and this spring I will be running 40 min 10k’s as part of triathlons.  


I parked along the race course and wasn’t going to be able to leave for a while so I got some bagels and coffee and then went over to the Jefferson Memorial to kill some time. This is one of the things I tend to take for granted being so close to DC that I can go see the monuments whenever I want to.


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