Monthly Archives: January 2011

Deep Dish Pizza

With a short bike ride on the schedule and the football games not starting until 3:30 I had some time to make some deep dish pizza.

I made everything, including the dough:


I cooked up some spicy chicken sausage and onions:


Made some sauce for it:


And cooked everything using a cast iron skillet:


I also had some wine to go with it:


And the result was very tasty:



Fish Tacos 2.0

After my first attempt at fish tacos this summer didn’t turn out to great I tried it again on Sunday. Last time I used Salmon and another fist I can’t recall but his time I used a white fist recipe (cod) with much better results. It was in the 20’s outside so I didn’t grill it used a grill pan on the stove top.


Last time part of the problem was I overdid it with the sauce for the tacos, but this time made a sour cream based chipotle sauce that had a nice flavor to. I also added cilantro, cabbage, onion, and limes.


But I think the best part was a salsa topping that I made and really enjoyed. It was a salsa with lots of onions, garlic, and hot peppers which I really like the flavor of.


And I put everything together with chips and salsa for a really tasty dinner.