Monthly Archives: February 2011

George Washington Birthday 10km race

Net time: 40:00.04, so close to hitting that sub 40 goal. It’s better then my last 10k and still a PR but taking that time in context it is much better then it looks because today was not a good day for running fast….


The plan for this race was to run a 6:20 pace until the turnaround capping my HR at 193 and then run 190-193 the rest of the way back regardless of pace.


I got in a warmup and it was very obvious to see the first half of the out and back course was going to be slow since it was right into the wind. Because of this trying to run with a group and having other bodies to block the wind would be a big deal.


The race started and I was able to stay in a pack and get through the first mile right at 6:20 without going over my HR limit but a quarter mile later I started to bump up against my limit so I backed and fell off the back of that group.

I hoped another group would catch up to me but it never happened. I got one or two people coming past me I could draft but I ran mostly by myself until the turnaround,  and it’s easy to how that impacted my race, with 6:54 and 7:02 as my mile 2 and 3 splits.


Coming back was obviously faster with the wind at my back  and I was actually able to run a wind aided 5k PR if you used just the second the half of this race.

The last .2 miles went over a bridge and then a short straightaway to the finish. After coming over the bridge I saw the finishing clock and thought I still had a chance for sub 40 but…


I got hit by a nice swirling gust of 50mph wind that brought me to a stop and almost knocked me over, and yes that is sand, dirt, etc getting blown around by all the wind


So I missed sub 40 but 4 1/100ths of a second.


How I Help Apple’s Stock and Discovered the Appeal of Techno Music

I have several Apple Products, including and iPhone and an iPad.

I also have an ipod shuffle that I occasionally use for running, mostly on the treadmill.

But I help Apple’s stock because of my unfortunate habit of leaving it in a pocket of my running shorts and putting it through the washing machine. The newest unit I bought only made it two weeks before going through the laundry. I tried plugging it in the computer in hopes it would still work and had luck transferring a file.

One of the things I’m focusing on with my running is to increase my cadence to improve my running efficiency. To help with this I decided to download a running podcast with a beat of 184. I turned it on and went about completing my workout on the treadmill.


I got to the end of the run and though to myself, “hey this podcast was only 45 minutes long but I don’t think I ever got to the end”. I listened closer and realized the iPod shuffle had been playing the same 10 seconds over and over for the last hour and ten minutes and I never noticed.

I guess that’s one reason people like techno music, it can help you just zone out for a while.

Running is improving nicely

I’m signed up for the Atlanta half marathon at the end of March so starting last month I began building up my running volume again with long runs on the weekend and several shorter more intense workouts during the week.

Today’s run workout showed how far I’ve improved already. Because of the ice storms I did the workout on the treadmill but it was 14  x1/4 mile repeats at a 5:25 min/mile pace and then 4 x 200 meters at a 5:00 min/mile pace at the end.


Last year there is no way I would have been anywhere close to being able to complete a workout like this. Even more encouraging is the fact that the max HR doesn’t drift upwards  and the recovery HR gets down to about the same level with each interval which means this workout was well within my current fitness level and not to stressing.

So things are looking very good for a big time PR at the Georgia Half Marathon.