Running is improving nicely

I’m signed up for the Atlanta half marathon at the end of March so starting last month I began building up my running volume again with long runs on the weekend and several shorter more intense workouts during the week.

Today’s run workout showed how far I’ve improved already. Because of the ice storms I did the workout on the treadmill but it was 14  x1/4 mile repeats at a 5:25 min/mile pace and then 4 x 200 meters at a 5:00 min/mile pace at the end.


Last year there is no way I would have been anywhere close to being able to complete a workout like this. Even more encouraging is the fact that the max HR doesn’t drift upwards  and the recovery HR gets down to about the same level with each interval which means this workout was well within my current fitness level and not to stressing.

So things are looking very good for a big time PR at the Georgia Half Marathon.

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