How I Help Apple’s Stock and Discovered the Appeal of Techno Music

I have several Apple Products, including and iPhone and an iPad.

I also have an ipod shuffle that I occasionally use for running, mostly on the treadmill.

But I help Apple’s stock because of my unfortunate habit of leaving it in a pocket of my running shorts and putting it through the washing machine. The newest unit I bought only made it two weeks before going through the laundry. I tried plugging it in the computer in hopes it would still work and had luck transferring a file.

One of the things I’m focusing on with my running is to increase my cadence to improve my running efficiency. To help with this I decided to download a running podcast with a beat of 184. I turned it on and went about completing my workout on the treadmill.


I got to the end of the run and though to myself, “hey this podcast was only 45 minutes long but I don’t think I ever got to the end”. I listened closer and realized the iPod shuffle had been playing the same 10 seconds over and over for the last hour and ten minutes and I never noticed.

I guess that’s one reason people like techno music, it can help you just zone out for a while.

One response to “How I Help Apple’s Stock and Discovered the Appeal of Techno Music

  1. Joseph Iacobucci

    trance works great while coding….

    where did you get that podcast? is it just a drum beat or something? I was going to try and make a playlist with songs within a certain bpm band.

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