Spring Time

 Spring is back but you would never know it from the weather forecast


But for me the sign of spring and the start of triathlon season is the return of twice a week brick workouts as part of training. A brick is a bike followed immediately by a run with the idea being to simulate what you would be doing during a triathlon, and it has the added benefit of being able to get two workouts done in as short a time of possible. The weekly routine is usually Tuesday easy bike / hard run and Thursday hard bike / easy run.

Yesterday was an easy bike / hard run day. The bike is usually 20 minutes of warm-up and high cadence drills followed by 10 minutes of increasing the heart rate and then it’s time to go out and run.


The run is a warm-up of building heart rate followed by 4 intervals at a hard pace, with this weeks intervals being 8 minutes long and the time will increase over the coming weeks. The workout ended with the usual 4 x 30 second sprints.


I went back and looked at the first time I did this workout with my coach in July of last year and was happy to see that my bike watts have increased about 10-20 which is good considering it’s still early in the year and I haven’t been riding a lot yet. But I was even more excited to see that my run times have dropped ~ 25 sec per mile for each interval and I was running mid 6 min per mile pace.


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