Thursday Brick

Today was my hard bike / easy run brick and the bike was tough. It’s 15 minutes of warming up, building the HR and then the start of some really difficult intervals.


This is one of the workouts that is a lot easier to execute with the Computrainer I got this winter. This workout has intervals that start at certain wattage level and then decrease by 5 watts every minute. With the Computrainer I can set the exact wattages and then not have to worry about shifting any gears or making any other adjustments to get to the desired wattage. There is also no “cheating” or letting up, the wattage stays constant and if I can’t hold that number then I won’t be able to turn the pedals over.

I do have an older Computrainer that only changes watts in increments of 10 instead of 5 like the newer ones so my coach had to tweak the workout slightly. And like usual he gave me some feedback after I uploaded the workout file and we exchanged some emails to make sure the intensity was right given the changes. I think my reply was very funny…



Oh, and then I still had a thirty minute run to do right after that.



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