Not a Fun Weekend

Warning, there are some gross pictures  so don’t read below if you don’t want to see them.

Well, I have learned that I don’t react very well to poison ivy. I’m not sure how I got it but my best guess is during my long run last Saturday.  I probably brushed against some poison ivy on the back of my leg and the oil got onto my calf due to the sweating. I didn’t notice anything until Monday when I started to have a little bit of itching and some redness.

Tuesday I went on a trip to Saint Louis for work and I’m thinking that being in so many public places had something to do the problems that happened. Tuesday it started to itch but I didn’t think much of it other then regular poison ivy, and Wednesday was more of the same with it being a little itchier but nothing I didn’t expect.

Thursday while traveling home was when it started to feel really bad, it felt like my skin was tight and I was having trouble fully bending my left leg. By the time I got home the back of jeans even formed a little bit of crust from all the puss that had been oozing out of it.     

And here is what it looked like on the back of my leg Thursday Night. It looks swollen in the pictures but I don’t think they do justice to just how swollen it actually was:



First thing Friday morning I went a Doctor and not only is it bad poison ivy but I managed to get it infected as well. My gut reaction is that the infection was a result of the open skin from the poison ivy and being around so many germs on the plane, hotel, and travel in general.

I got some prednisone and an antibiotic that I’m going to be on for the next week and it’s amazing how fast they work. It’s Monday night and it sill looks nasty but it is much better and the swelling has gone away.





One interesting side effect I did notice this weekend was the prednisone’s impact on my workouts. I’m still able to exercise like normal but being on the medication messes with your resting HR and my HR zones won’t really apply this week so all my workouts have been on perceived level of effort.

And why is that interesting? Prednisone is a “steroid” so it will heal the poison ivy like intended but it also helps with any other inflammatory issues and increases the level of plasma in the blood which has some positive side effects for sports. So after a three hour bike ride where I was putting out my best watts of the year I had my 30 min descending pace run and went out and ran 7:00, 6:30, 6:20 and that was without even getting my HR up to the numbers the workout called for in the last interval!


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