Overdue Update

I haven’t updated the blog since Eagleman. On the triathlon front I decided to regroup from the Eagleman disappointment and did not do any races in July. My next race is the Luray Olympic Distance Triathlon in the middle of August.


I’m doing the Olympic distance in my build up to the final “A” race for the year, the Poconos 70.3 the first week of October. Poconos is about as different from Eagleman as possible. The race takes place in Strousburg PA and is a hilly course so most of July I have been doing my long bike rides at Skyline drive in Front Royal VA. The weather is also extreme opposites, the average temp is in the 50s/60s and might be in the 40s at the start of the swim.

IronMan Pocono Mountains

Getting out to Skyline is a bit of hike but is great riding with tons of climbing that I can’t get riding close to home.


Skyline is a 100 + mile park road that runs along a mountain ridge, I think it’s the blue ridge mountains. It’s nice for riding because there are no stop signs or lights, it’s just constant riding.


It makes for some awesome views while riding and I get out there early in the morning to be done before it gets too hot or crowded which makes for some good wildlife sighting. In my trips I have seen a black bear and cub about 20 yards off the road. But the most interesting was a buck that was in the other lane of the road and decided he didn’t want to move when I was going by.


And on a personal front the big news is I’ve finally taken the plunge and bought a townhouse. I go to closing on the July 29th and will move in the 8th.

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