Luray Olympic Distance 2011 Race report

I’ll update with some pictures later this week but here’s how the race went.

Overall (2:23:01, 2nd AG, 20th Overall)

I have some mixed feelings about my first race since Eagleman. I’m very happy with my overall and age group place and was 10 minutes faster than the last time I did this race and that was a wetsuit swim. But I’m not happy with how my swimming has been lately and as noted by the 99th overall place compared to 19th and 16th on the run and bike.

Swim (29:30, 11th AG, 99th Overall)

The water was 78.5F in the morning so it missed the wetsuit cutoff by .5F so I was expecting a slower time but not this slow. I don’t think I took any bad lines so I didn’t add much extra distance to the course, no excuses I just didn’t have a good swim. I know courses are inaccurate so comparing the time might not be the best way to go but my placing is far behind where I need it to be.

The course was unique because it wasn’t a simple triangle or square but a combination of the two to get the total distance in without having to make loops around the lake. It seemed complicated when first looking at  because they didn’t use the traditional yellow = turn buoy but once you realized what you were suppose to do it was easy to navigate and defiantly help reduce congestion in the water which would have been caused by a two loop course.

T1 (1:47, 7th AG, 62nd Overall)

A little bit slow since I had some trouble getting on my heart rate strap and needed to put my shirt on since I didn’t feel like doing the whole race shirtless like some people did.

Bike (1:10:51, 2nd AG, 19th Overall)

This was a great bike for me, I nailed my race plan heart rates almost to the number and my watts looked great as well. I was over 22mph which I’m very happy with for such a hilly course.

The course was an out section with two loops and then back to the lake. I thought it was a challenging course and enjoyed the descents and climbs. It was nothing like the rides I have been doing out on Skyline drive but was a nice change from the pancake flat Eagleman course at my last race.

I did have a little adventure on the first loop, I over-shifted going up to my big ring in front and dropped the chain. I didn’t freak out and was able to avert a disaster and downshift to get the chain back on without having to stop and fix it. The second loop was more good riding but it got crowded because I was catching up to people in later waves and people still on their first loop. Some people had issues staying to the right and it was a lot of “on your left” but it wasn’t too much of a hassle. The last 5 miles back to the lake were mostly empty and fast until the little climb to the ridge the lake sits on and about 26 miles later I was ready to start the run.

T2 (0:52, 3rd AG, 16th Overall)

Another quick T2 with a successful flying dismount.

Run (40:03, 2nd AG, 16th Overall)

I just missed a sub-40 10k, I’m very happy with this time but it could have been even better.

I got out of transition and started running and felt great going downhill in the first half mile with a low heart rate and was flying along. Then I tried to up the pace and get my heart rate to where it was suppose to be and felt the onset of stomach cramps coming so I backed off and it felt better.

The rest of my run was like this, trying to up the effort feeling cramps coming on and then needing to back off. About ¾ of a mile from the finish I tried to up the effort and trying to ignore the cramping feeling and was rewarded with a cramp in my hamstring but I was able to run through it and loosened up. After that I just backed off the effort and brought it to the finish.

Post race

I stuck around to get some awards and it was a nice had engraved wine glass that goes great with my bottle of wine from Lake Anna earlier this year.

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