Making a Dent

A couple weekends ago I had my long 5 hour ride out on Skyline Drive which I was suppose to follow up with biggest training week of the Poconos build, getting close to 20 hours. But by Thursday it was clear the long ride had a big impact on me and I hadn’t really recovered based on how I was feeling and the times for my workouts during the week.

After talking with the coach we did some schedule rearranging and last weekend turned into a recovery weekend with only a short run and bike on Saturday/Sunday and this weekend turned into the planned long ride/run. This worked out well for a couple of reasons, I felt a little bit of knee discomfort on my run Thursday and this gave me some extra time to recover and make sure I didn’t wind up with an injury. And getting out for a long ride with the impending hurricane wasn’t really much of an option.

With less then 2 hours of workouts for each day this gave me plenty of time to make a dent in unpacking and putting things away at the new house. I spent most of Saturday morning hanging my new TV on the wall and installing some shelves. This was more of a pain then I thought it was going to be but I’m happy with how it turned out.


I also got a bookcase for the office and finished unpacking a few of those boxes. Now I just need to find/buy a new desk to put in there.


I’ve gotten everything unpacked but now my place looks really empty so it’s time to do some decorating. I know what pictures I want to hang in the guest room it’s just a matter of printing them out and putting them in the frames.



For the basement I’m going to go with a sports/awards theme and have some ideas for that.

IMG_3552_edited-1 IMG_3550_edited-1 IMG_3551_edited-1

For the living room I was thinking about putting up a couple of framed bike posters behind the sofa.


for my bedroom and the dinning room I’m not really sure what I want to do so I need to think about that a little.

IMG_3554_edited-1 IMG_3548_edited-1

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